People don’t realize how often voice-over recordings are heard in our daily lives. Hardly a day goes by when we are not exposed to pre-recorded voices: when we listen to our voice mail, drive a car with Sat Nav, switch on the radio or TV or even walk through a museum. Voice-over recordings are everywhere!

We handle small or large voice-over projects in one or many languages. We produce your recordings using highly professional voices from all over the world. A poor voice-over recording gives your company a cheap and unprofessional image... That’s why Vibe Voices’ voices are native, professional speakers with at least 10 years’ voice-over experience.


Vibe Voices offers a wide range of voice-over/ARD/Lip sync/Dubbing services for TV, Radio, Cinema, Feature Film and Corporate clients. We offer casting/type casting services, supervision, budgeting and project management. Whether you are in the Broadcasting, Media Production, Motion Picture or Gaming Industry, we make sure each and every step of the process is precisely executed and finished to the highest quality.

Remote attendance

In case you are unable to attend the recording session, we can also offer remote attendance. We offer the possibility of listening simply by phone or via high-quality audio or video conferencing. Attend the recording session from anywhere in the world and direct the session yourself or with your team.

Sound quality

We record 90% of all voice-over recordings in live sessions and never outsource recordings to home studios. Sound quality is very important and constitutes a part of our reputation as the Vibe Group. We handle all recording in our studios in Belgium (Vibe Studios).

Voice quality

Voice-over artists do not buy listings on our website; we carefully select voice-over artists who meet our quality expectations. We also have the voices validated by native speakers to make sure our clients get the best quality on the market.

Secure Delivery and Confidentiality

If your recording has sensitive content, we are able to set up the required contracts to guarantee confidentiality and guarantee that the information is safe with us. We also deliver our recordings via a highly secure delivery system which only allows the recipient to download the files and not share anything with anyone else from our delivery platform.

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